SG Micro specializes inhigh performance and high quality analog IC desing, Marketing and sales. Its R&D team consists of 20+ years expitienced experts in IC design, layout, process, assembly, test and quality contorl who used to work at the best-known leading analog IC company.


Product line Items
Analog Switch SPST, DPDT, Switch, 1:2~1:8, 1~4Ch
Switch Complex IIC, I/O, SPI Interface
OP AMP Nano Power
Low Noise
Vcom buffers
High Precision
high speed
Micro Power
Comparator Nano Power, high speed
Audio Driver 2~3Vrms Audio Line Drivers
Class AB Audio AMP(~1.3W/Ch)
Vodep Biffers(Drivers) SD Video Driver(1~6Ch)
HD Video Driver(~3Ch)
SD&HD Video Driver
Vodep Biffers(Drivers) OVP (Over Vtg Protection)
Li-lon Battery Chargers
Charge Pump
Load Switch
lsolated Power Supplier
LDOs(250mA~500mA, 1Ch~4Ch)
MOSFET Drivers
Flash LED Driver
White LED Driver
Logic IC Level Translators (IIC, GPIO, SPI, UART Interface)
Level shifers and Drivers
1~2 gate Logic Ics