The market changes rapidly. The competition gets more severly. And the electronics market in Korea needs desperately competitive products and new technologies more than ever in order to be free from the competition challenged by contenders internationally. In this kind of situation.

Pister is your partner who delivers not only competitive components but also new technologies which can realize a demand of the market yet to come. Incorporated in May, 2008 based on the founder's 15 years global sourcing experience, Pister is and expert electronic component technical marketing company who has provided the markets of video broadcasting, mobile telecommunicating, mobile computing, and power managing with the best quality yet price competitive parts. And Pister will continue to pursue a new trend of technology and quality product.

Pister is your pathfinder who opens a way out of opportunities to be realized. It could be a venture to explore unrealized opportunities. However, it would be already a failure not to we believe that business can continue to grow when an opportunity becomes a reality again and again, and that is how Pister creates a way and that is a way how Pister will continue to pursue an opportunity of success.